Marian Gaborik Is Quickly Entering The "Elite" Level

Marian Gaborik is back to being his lethal self this season with 9 goals, 6 assists and 15 points in only 14 games. Gaby has been flying from the get go, but lately Marian has been paired with Artem Anisimov and Derek Stepan and it seems like his game has gone up to another level. Gaby has been making plays, heading to the net and putting up more shots on goal. To me, Marian Gaborik has moved up to another tier of play, Gaby should be listed among the elite players in the game today.

Now we all know that Gaborik has elite goal scoring ability, but in my eyes an elite player is a player that makes his linemates better and look at how Derek Stepan and Artem Anisimov have played since being paired with the Slovakian Sniper. Anisimov has 6 assists and Derek Stepan with seven points in the last 5 games, I know, I know small sample sizes but one other aspect of Gaborik's elite status is that every time he's on the ice, you notice him, he's gets into the passing lanes and drives the play forward and puts the Rangers in a position to create offense

In the offseason the Rangers went out to get Brad Richards to be the top playmaker that Gaborik has not had in the entirety of his career and for the first few games the plan seemed to work, but with the Rangers offense struggling coach John Tortorella decided to break up the offensive duo to try and spread out the offense and while Torts tried to find the right match for Gaby it seems that he's found the right combination with Stepan and Anisimov.

Marian Gaborik has been the Rangers best forward 15 games in and is starting to really get into a groove offensively that will vault him into the elite status of NHLers with names like Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby and both Sedin Twins.

I think Gaby is realizing his potential as one of the top players in the league and is going to soon exceed it, what do you guys think