Mats Zuccarello Arbitration: New York Rangers Lineup Coming Into Focus

The Rangers have yet to agree to a deal with Zuccarello.

If Mats Zuccarello and the New York Rangers don't strike a deal by July 31st then the RFA will go to arbitration in order to mint a new contract to stay on Broadway. The Rangers and Zuccarello can strike a new deal before the hearing, but to this point there hasn't been any indication the two sides are close to a deal.

Either way, things are going to be coming into focus on Wednesday. Whether it's the Rangers agreeing to terms with Zuccarello or the arbitration handing them down, the Rangers will just have to worry about Derek Stepan to lock up.

To this point we still don't even know what Zuccarello is asking for, and I am going to be very interested to see what Zuccarello demands before he heads into the hearing. I'm also interested to see what the Rangers are going to demand. My guess is they're far less than a million dollars off, which makes this whole mess unnecessary but it is what it is.

Right now there's no news on either of the Rangers two restricted free agents. We're going to find out about Zuccarello on Wednesday. Stepan?

That might take a little longer.