Mats Zuccarello met Britney Spears

He is having a good off-season.

Mats Zuccarello is awesome. We all know this. But good news: now Britney Spears knows it, too.

Spears is currently performing in Las Vegas. It just so happens Zuccarello was there for the NHL Awards, in which he was a finalist for the Masterton Trophy. And while he didn't win it - though he certainly embodies everything the trophy is about - it looks like he's making excellent use of trip no matter what. If you already have to be in Vegas, you might as well extend the trip a little and have fun with it, right?

Who's going to say no to getting to watch and subsequently meet Britney Spears? She's awesome - and the picture they ended up taking together is adorable.

I think the best part of this, though, might be Zuccarello's censored hashtag. #b****, indeed.