Merry Christmas From Blueshirt Banter

Hello everyone,

The staff here at Blueshirt Banter would like to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. It's always fun when the New York Rangers are doing well (and even more fun when they are doing spectacular) but it's also important to stop and enjoy life outside of hockey as well.

Hopefully you all got what you wanted from Santa Claus this morning and you have a day of drinking, laughing, eating and fun ahead of you.

Please use this open thread to discuss thoughts on the team or even use it to wish everyone a happy holidays.

Just as a note, I was able to interview Adam Graves yesterday and the story will be going onto the website Monday or Tuesday. I will also be interviewing Nick Fotiu Monday, which will also go up on the site as soon as possible. Both interviews are focusing on the players involvement in the Alumni Game.

Happy holidays guys! Have a good one!