Metro Hockey Interviews Mark Messier

Greg over at Metro Hockey was able to get an interview with Mark Messier regarding "The Messier Project. You can read the whole story here, and below is an excerpt of the interview:

GC: This year, more than any other, we have seen so many injuries, including many concussion problems. Can you tell our readers how your helmet will help to decrease the number of head injuries in the sport?

MM: Concussions have crept into the game of hockey and I strongly believe we need to find a way to address the issue, which has become an epidemic. For me, the mission of The Messier Project is very much about changing priorities. The fact that we are still basically using the same technology in our helmets that we have used over the last three decades is horrifying. Every single piece of equipment has evolved except for the helmet.

I joined forces with Cascade Sports to create The Messier Project, a product development and public awareness campaign that aims to address the issue of concussions in the sport of hockey.

Nice job Greg!