Bantering Points: Michael Del Zotto Contract, CBA Negotiations And More

- So apparently things are getting a little choppy between Michael Del Zotto and the New York Rangers. This isn't surprising. From the get-go we've known that the years were going to be an issue, and that appears to be the hang up on the contract right now. The reality of the situation is that if the Rangers want to buy out some of Del Zotto's free agent years then the cap hit is going to be bigger. The two sides will come to an agreement eventually, at this point it's when not if.

- Speaking of Del Zotto: I also wouldn't worry too much about an offer sheet. I can't see the Philadelphia Flyers (who many Rangers fans are worried will float him an offer sheet) making a move for him. They're looking to shore up their defense, and while Del Zotto's defense improved last year he still has work to do.

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- We're still three days away from Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr's next meeting on Wednesday. I'm not a huge fan of the delay between meetings, but hopefully the two sides can iron things out. We're getting to the point where the two sides need to kick things into high gear. Hopefully the September 15th deadline approaching will help get things moving.

- As I've said before, the two sides might be at a standstill but the NHLPA is dominating the political battle between the two sides. This, however, probably won't play a big role in the negotiations at all. Still, Bettman and the owners need to be aware of the public option spinning around these negotiations.

- Man, there hasn't been any NHL news of late. Even the Shane Doan rumors have ground to a halt, especially since it seems the Phoenix Coyotes ownership issue might get settled. And you don't need me to tell you that no other free agents have moved either. Such is the way of the CBA uncertainty.