Michael Grabner, Adam Clendening send Rangers off to happy bye week

That’s it for five days, but what a way to kick it off!

The New York Rangers were going to lose. The Columbus Blue Jackets’ streak had already been broken a game earlier by the Washington Capitals, but still, it’s a happier world if it’s the Rangers getting those two points, nobody else - especially when their opponent is a division rival.

Enter: Michael Grabner and Adam Clendening. With four goals between the two of them, they not only tied the game, but Grabner went ahead and scored the winner with just 17 seconds to go, preventing the Blue Jackets from so much as even picking up a pity point.

Turns out there’s a reason Grabner was so anxious to not let the game go to overtime:

Well it’s a good thing he gets some time off now!

The other hero, Clendening, doesn’t appear to be having as good a time, sadly.

Hopefully by now he’s gotten to where he needs to go. This man is a hero, he deserves it!