Michael Grabner spending his vacation getting hockey lessons from his son

So THAT’S why he’s been scoring all those goals.

Entering the Rangers’ bye, Grabner has 19 goals. That’s tied for seventh in the entire NHL now. That’s as many goals as noted goal scorer Alex Ovechkin has.

Still with half of the season to go, Grabner is one away from having the third 20-goal season of his career. He’ll probably get there. He’s on pace for 38 goals this season, which would be a new career high - and one he probably won’t reach, considering how the 22.1 SH% he’s currently sporting is about 10 percentage points above his career average.

Of course, an abnormally high shooting percentage doesn’t take away the goals Grabner has already scored - it just warns us to not expect it to last (and provides a very good reason to suggest trading him, actually).

But what if Grabner’s getting a little extra help on the side?

My son teaching me how to shoot #vacation #lakeplacid #greatice

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So THAT’S where this surge in goal scoring has come from. Little Grabner has the moves, he just needed to show his dad what to do.

Well in that case, keep it up, Grabners! The Rangers appreciate it.