Michael Grabner the third player to score 20 goals for the Islanders - and then the Rangers

That’s an exclusive club, and he obviously isn’t done scoring yet.

Michael Grabner: 20 goal scorer.

It’s actually not that new of a phrase; he’s scored 20 in two seasons before, back in 2010-11 and 2011-12. That’s been it, though, and in the past two seasons he’s failed to even hit the 10-goal mark, so Grabner hitting 20 again this season is a bit surprising.

But entirely welcome, especially as he’s come to the light side. Via the Elias Sports Bureau, Grabner is a part of a three-member club, now:

He’s only the third player to produce a 20-goal season for both the Islanders and the Rangers. The others were Ray Ferraro (Islanders: 3 times, Rangers: 1) and Pat LaFontaine (Islanders: 6, Rangers 1).

Perhaps interestingly enough, all three players have gone from the Islanders to the Rangers; the NHL has never seen a 20-goal scorer for the Rangers move on to do the same thing for the Islanders.

Either way now, though, Grabner has made a little bit of history - and he’s on pace for 38 goals, which would be more than he ever scored with the Islanders. Whether he gets there is another thing entirely, but hey, it’s the little things.