Mika Zibanejad heard your messages of support, and he appreciates them

“I’m really looking forward to getting back on the ice soon” - that makes all of us!

Playing in the 300th game of his NHL career, Mika Zibanejad both scored a goal and suffered a broken fibula. It was hard to watch - and, no doubt due to both that, as well as the fact that he’s been having a good first season with the Rangers, the outcry and well-wishing began in earnest.

Well, Zibanejad heard you, and he appreciates it.

Amidst the numerous offers from fans for him to take their legs - something he does not appear to be taking anyone up on - are more and more “get well soon”s.

Zibanejad is expected to be out for 6-8 weeks, so his recovery likely won’t be as soon as we’d all like - but as long as he’s back at 100%, that’s what matters.

In the meantime, it can’t hurt to share more positive vibes, right? Here’s another get well soon message!