Mika Zibanejad is back shooting the puck around... kinda

He’s taking shots at Antti Raanta from the bench, which is something!

Hey, remember Mika Zibanejad? Fifteen points in 19 games during his first season with the New York Rangers before a broken fibula unfairly took him out for some time? He’s pretty great.

So it’s especially great to see him still around. Not on the ice, exactly - not when he, you know, is still recovering from a broken leg - but taking shots at Antti Raanta is good to see, even if it is from the bench.

Good to see #NYR @zibanejad93!

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There’s no reason he can’t keep practicing his shooting! And with a teammate, too.

We’ll forgive him for some of those shots going nowhere near his goalie, because, um, the dude has a broken leg and is still practicing (and still getting pucks in Raanta’s vicinity, too).

But just like the Rangers said: it’s good to see him, even in a limited capacity like this. Here’s to the rest of the recovery going well, and seeing Zibanejad on the ice again soon in the new year!