Mika Zibanejad is now walking dogs

Which means he’s walking, period - and without crutches or a boot!

Thanks to a broken leg, it’s been a month since Mika Zibanejad last played. This is extremely unfortunate, considering he’s pretty good at hockey - he’s just outside of the Rangers’ top 10 in scoring despite having missed the past 16 games.

The good news? It looks like everything is going well in his recovery, because he is now officially walking around without crutches or a walking boot.

Better yet, he’s dog walking. And everything is better with dogs, including rehab.

It’s definitely great to see him progressing as much as he has! Hopefully he’ll be back on the ice soon.

The original prognosis for his injury was six to eight weeks, which puts his return in about the first half of January; it’s good to see we can probably still expect him back in early 2017.