Missing Persons Report

After last night's 2-1 win over the Washington Capitals-a win which has now pushed the Capitals to the brink of losing in the first round-all was well in Ranger nation. Or was it? Last night at around 2:30 A.M I received a call from an anonymous source who leaked that The Rangers have filed a missing person report on Scott Gomez and Nik Zherdev. Then shamelessly using my celebrity status of being a writer on the Blueshirt Banter-who was linked to the Rangers Yahoo Sports page today-I was granted access to see the reports. So here they are:

Missing Person: Nik Zherdev

Age: 24

Position: Right Wing

Last Seen: In the final game of the regular season when he has an assist. This was after yet another hiatus in which he was missing for over five games.

Missing person report: The Ranger forward was very good in the regular season, scoring 23 goals and adding 35 assists. Although he was called out for taking shifts off during games and not caring it was widely thought that Tortorella would be able to whip him into shape. But since the playoffs have started he has been nowhere to be found. Oh you will find him on the Rangers roster, and according to NHL.com he has played in all four of the Rangers playoff games; but you wouldn't know it by watching the games.  In those four games he-supposedly-has played in he has no points, is even on the plus minus, and has taken no penalties. In fact the only stat validating NHL.com's bold assessment that he has played 4 games is that he has 8 shots on net.

Regardless of what NHL.com says Ranger fans and even the Rangers themselves have been frantically looking for him, especially since he was one of the main offensive forces in the regular season. The Rangers would love to find him soon, especially because their power play has been shooting blanks after a 2 for 4 performance in game 1. His shot would help the power play, that's for sure. Let's hope he is found soon.

Missing Person: Scott Gomez

Age: 29

Position: Center. Also is the assistant captain of the New York Rangers

Last Seen: In game 1 of the playoffs, against the Washington Capitals. He had a goal and two assists in probably his best game as a Ranger.

Missing person report: After game 1 of the playoffs the Rangers had high expectations for Gomez, especially after a lackluster performance in the regular season. His three points in the first game was something that excited many Ranger fans, but since then he has been invisible. Allegedly Ranger fans have seen him on the power play, where he tries to dump and chase. But according to numerous reports he dumps and then goes missing when he is supposed to chase. He also has been on the roster for all 4 playoff games, although many fans will only attest to him playing in one. Scott Gomez is also-allegedly-an integral part of the power play.

Maybe the reason why the power play isn't clicking is because Scott Gomez and Nik Zherdev have been missing. Let's be honest the two of them combined to 39 goals and 76 assists for 115 regular season points. Regardless if you have any information on either, or both, missing persons please comment below.