Need a new playlist? Mika Zibanejad’s got you covered

He’s shared some of the tracks he listens to before puck drop on Spotify!

Mika Zibanejad is a DJ, so of course he would have some expertise when it comes to selecting tracks.

Tracks that he’s willing to share with everyone, evidently, as Zibanejad has set up a playlist on Spotify that contains some of his favorites - including stuff that he listens to before games.

Get pumped up, Rangers style!

It’s not exactly clear how many of the Rangers follow his suggestions, or if he’s even the locker room DJ (which he probably should be), but we know he’s got at least one teammate who shares some of his tastes in Kevin Hayes.

I’d definitely take Zibanejad’s suggestions to get pumped up, too - he clearly knows what he’s doing.