New York Rangers Analysis: Choosing The Rangers Captaincy

As far as this offseason has gone Sather has done just about everything right. He's bought out Chris Drury, a necessary move for the team to move forward. Glen also went out and acquired Brad Richards, the number one center this team has needed for a long time.

There is something this team is missing however, a captain.

With the Rangers buying out Chris Drury they have a need for someone to take up the captaincy and while Ryan Callahan may be destined to fill in that role, there are two alternate (assistant however you want to put it) spots that need to be filled. Some say that its Dubinsky and Staal's spots to lose some have other ideas

Take the jump to see my top five candidates for those alternate captain slots

Brandon Dubinsky: One of the more obvious choices as fans and the team have come to see Callahan and Dubinsky as the dynamic duo of this youth movement that the Rangers are going through. He isn't a bad choice to be Cally's second in a similar situation as Jagr and Shanahan (Jagr led on the ice while Shanahan led in the clubhouse) Dubi seems to be the more spirited of the two but Callahan's effort on the ice and his self sacrifice gives him the C

Marc Staal: Staal is another leader of the youth core, being the team's best defenseman he would be a good choice to back up Callahan as a voice of leadership on the ice seeing as how he brings that same effort game in and game out

Brad Richards: While Richards may be a new addition to the team, he has been an alternate captain during his brief stint in Dallas and coach John Tortorella knows about Brad's leadership credentials very well since the two won a cup in Tampa Bay with Richards getting Conn Smyth honors during that play off run. Also Richards could be a good veteran leader to help teach Callahan and Dubinsky grow as leaders of a professional team

Brandon Prust: Yes Prust may not get the attention that Dubi and Cally get, but Brandon Prust proved last year that he is willing to do what has to be done for the team and still did not miss a game. His on ice work ethic and his awesome "It's just pain" quote puts him in the running for an A

Rotating alternates: While Callahan is the most deserving of the C, head coach John Tortorella may want to rotate who gets the A as the team plays throughout the season

The decision as to who will get the C and two As will be made after training camp by the head coach, but it never hurts to speculate.

Here's my choice for the Captaincy

C- Ryan Callahan

A- Brandon Dubinsky

A- Brad Richards

OK guys...thoughts? Opinions?