New York Rangers Breakup Day: Injury Reports

Today is the official breakup day for the New York Rangers, and the injuries reports have been leaking out. We don't necessarily know when all of these injuries occurred, but we do know that they were lingering with some players throughout the playoffs. The full list of injuries you can find below.

  • Brandon Prust - Suffered a torn tendon in his left hand during a fight back in Februrary against Zenon Konopka. Expected to have surgery during the off-season, and make a full recovery.
  • Brandon Dubinsky - Suffered a high ankle sprain against the Ottawa Senators in Game 7 of the Quarter Finals. We learned that he had returned early from his injury, and still needs about 6-8 weeks to fully recover during the off-season. Full recovery expected.
  • Marian Gaborik - Noted in an interview that he suffered an injury, but did not disclose what that injury was. Apparently, there will be more news on this in the coming days. Also noted that the injury may require surgery during the off-season.
  • Brian Boyle - While he had no lingering injuries, he stated that following his concussion, his games was thrown off. Specifically in his conditioning and reactions on the ice.
  • Michael Sauer - Sauer was seen around the practice facility for the first time in several months. Tortorella stated that Sauer still wasn't up to par in order to start off-season workouts. The Rangers also don't expect Sauer to be ready in time for the start of next season.

Possible injuries:

  • Ryan Callahan - He stated that he didn't have any lingering injuries, but one can't help but to assume that there was something up with his hand. Ever since blocking a shot in the Ottawa series, he wasn't the same type of player.