New York Rangers Gaining Confidence

The New York Rangers headed into their All-Star Break on as high of a note as they could have. After beating the Boston Bruins in overtime on Saturday they routed the Winnipeg Jets the other night for their second win in a row.

It seems like a funny thing to talk about when a team is in first place in their respective conference, but confidence still plays a big role in any team's success, no matter where they are in the standings. The Rangers are exhibiting that right now, as they continue to win games despite a stagnant power play.

But as of now it shouldn't be about what the Rangers haven't been able to do so far this season, it's what they have done.

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Yes, the Rangers' power play is currently ranked 25th in the league, but the power play started to show some life in the game against the Jets. Even though they didn't score on four attempts against the Jets, they showed great movement and passing inside the offensive zone.

On the other hand, the Rangers have been doing everything else right thus far, and are quite the surprise. Otherwise, the Rangers are currently on the right track to have a strong finish to the second half of the season. Hope everyone enjoys the fantasy draft tonight, which we will have an open thread for, as well as a recap of the event later tonight.