New York Rangers Game Thread: 11/17, Lightning at Rangers

Cally, Boyle, and Stralman are back in town...

Game Nineteen, the Tampa Bay Lightning at the New York Rangers
Record: 7-6-4

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Oh, there are so many fun story lines to keep track of tonight, aren't there? Rather than talk your ear off about it, I'll simply point you in the direction of Joe's article from this morning. Ryan Callahan, Brian Boyle, and Anton Stralman are all returning to the Garden ice tonight in Lightning jerseys and the Rangers have two prominent former Bolts in their lineup, Dan Boyle and Martin St. Louis. It's going to be interesting to see what kind of reception the former Rangers get, especially Cally, and whether or not the Rangers can find a way to win in regulation... or in overtime... or in the shootout. Honestly, I'll take any kind of win at this point.

Remember last season when we were all laughing at how bad the New Jersey Devils were in the shootout? Yeah, it's not so funny anymore.

The New York Rangers' November Schedule

Jets at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/1 (SO loss.)
Blues at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/3 (SO loss.)
Red Wings at Rangers, 8:00 PM 11/5 (Win.)
Rangers at Maple Leafs, 7:00 PM 11/8 (loss.)
Oilers at Rangers, 6:00 PM 11/9 (loss... dear god, how?)
Penguins at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/11 (Win!!!)
Avalanche at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/13 (SO loss.)
Rangers at Penguins, 7:00 PM 11/15 (SO loss.)
Lightning at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/17
Flyers at Rangers, 8:00 PM 11/19
Rangers at Sabres, 7:00 PM 11/21
Canadiens at Rangers, 7:00 PM 11/23
Rangers at Lightning, 7:30 PM 11/26
Rangers at Flyers, 1:00 PM 11/28
Flyers at Rangers, 1:00 PM 11/29

Mike's Player to Watch: Martin St. Louis

Marty cost the Rangers a lot in the deal that sent Ryan Callahan to Florida, and thus far he is off to a great start this season. However, Ryan Callahan is also off to a great start and is the kind of player that lives for moments like this. Look for Marty to elevate his game on the Garden ice and give his former team something to think about tonight. This one should be a doozy.

Let's go Rangers! Enjoy the game and the thread.

So, what's for dinner tonight?