New York Rangers Game Thread: 12/6, Rangers at Red Wings

Time for some original six hockey.

Game Twenty-Five, the New York Rangers at the Detroit Red Wings
Record: 11-9-4

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Tonight the Rangers are looking to get their first win of December on the road against the Detroit Red Wings who have recently found their game and are currently in talks to make their head coach, Mike Babcock, the highest paid coach in the National Hockey League.

The Red Wings are not an easy team to beat on home ice and they are good at keeping the puck out of their own net. There are plenty of forwards on the Red Wings that should make any defensive corps anxious but given how the Rangers defense has played lately, they will likely have their hands full trying to shut down Henrik Zetterberg, Gustav Nyqvist, and Pavel Datsyuk. The Red Wings should be a tough challenge for the Rangers who, once again, are struggling to find consistency in their game. Hopefully we'll see the Rangers get into the swing of things before we get too deep into December because being just two games above .500 right now is not a good thing for a team that was in the Stanley Cup Final last spring.

The New York Rangers' December Schedule

12/1 Tampa Bay at the Rangers, 7:00 (loss)
12/6 Rangers at Detroit, 7:00
12/8 Penguins at Rangers, 7:00
12/13 Rangers at Vancouver, 10:00
12/14 Rangers at Edmonton, 9:30
12/16 Rangers at Calgary, 9:00
12/20 Rangers at Carolina, 7:00
12/21 Carolina at Rangers, 7:00
12/23 Capitals at Rangers, 7:00
12/27 Devils at Rangers, 7:00
12/29 Rangers at Dallas, 8:30
12/31 Rangers at Florida, 6:00

Mike's Player to Watch: Ryan McDonagh

McDonagh has looked rusty since returning from the shoulder injury he sustained on an Evander Kane hit. Hopefully the extended rest between tonight's game and the Rangers' losing effort on the first of the month has given McDonagh enough time on the ice with his teammates to find his game again because the Rangers desperately need McDiesel to be the player he has been for them over the past few years.

McDonagh is essential to the Rangers' ability to move the puck out of their own zone and is outstanding at covering up for the mistakes and shortcomings of his defensive partners. Having Ryan McDonagh get back into the swing of things is an absolute necessity for the Rangers if they want to put together some wins in December and leave this month with a record that would put them in the playoff picture.

Let's go Rangers! Enjoy the game and the thread

Have a great weekend guys and gals.