New York Rangers Game Thread: 3/14, Rangers at Sabres

Skapski, destroyer of the Sabres, returns to the Rangers' crease... to destroy the Sabres.

Game Sixty-Seven, the New York Rangers at the Buffalo Sabres
Record: 42-17-7
Opponent: 19-42-6
Season Series: 2-0-0, Rangers
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For the second time in a month the Rangers will head to Buffalo with Ed Sheeran Mackenzie Skapski as their netminder. As we all know the Sabres are Cirque de Soilei on the ice... but with only clowns and other things that make us all feel bad for them. The Rangers have allowed just two goals in the two games they have played the Sabres this season and that is unlikely to change because the Sabres have the worst offense in the league and the second worst defense in the league (behind only the sad, three-legged stray dog known only as the Edmonton Oilers).

So, the Sabres are the worst team in the league on the power play, on the penalty kill, on the faceoff dot, on Tuesdays, when the other team has eaten food that day, whenever games are played on frozen water...

Yep, they're just awful. The Rangers, if they want to take themselves seriously after tonight's game, really should come away with 2 points and sweep the season series against the lowly Buffalo Sabres. I'm already really stretching to think of things to say about tonight's game, so I'm going to go ahead and jump ship now but leave you with this adorable clip of J.T. Miller being a d-bag from the Rangers' 3-1 victory over Buffalo on 2/20.

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

So, I guess the Sabres have scored three goals in the season series? All joking aside, the Rangers can't afford to take Buffalo lightly and have to make sure they make this an easy game for Skapski in the same way they did three weeks ago. If the Rangers win tonight they will have gone 4-0-1 in their five game road trip despite playing some pretty formidable teams.

The New York Rangers' March Schedule

3/2, Predators at Rangers, 7:00 (win.)
3/4, Rangers at Red Wings, 8:00 (overtime loss.)
3/8, Rangers at Blackhawks, 7:30 (win.)
3/10, Rangers at Islanders, 7:00 (win!!!)
3/11 Rangers at Capitals, 8:00 (win)
3/14, Rangers at Sabres, 7:00
3/15, Panthers at Rangers, 5:00
3/18, Blackhawks at Rangers, 8:00
3/21, Rangers at Hurricanes, 7:00
3/22, Ducks at Rangers, 7:30
3/24, Kings at Rangers, 7:00
3/26, Rangers at Senators, 7:00
3/28, Rangers at Bruins, 1:00
3/29, Capitals at Rangers, 3:00
3/31, Rangers at Jets, 8:00

Mike's Player to Watch: Matt Hunwick

With Kevin Klein on the shelf for what could be a month, the Rangers are once again plugging in Matt Hunwick on the blue line. Hunwick, in regards to his metrics, is not a significant downgrade for the Blueshirts. All signs point to him playing both tonight against Buffalo and tomorrow night at the Garden when the Rangers host Jaromir Jagr in his most-feline jersey to date. The best thing Matt Hunwick can do is keep his game simple and make damn sure he doesn't look bad against the Buffalo Sabres or he might find himself in a suit and watching Mike Kostka return to the Rangers' lineup and put Hunwick's spot on the depth chart in question again. Keep it simple, Hunwick.

Let's go Rangers. Drop the puck.