New York Rangers Game Thread: Rangers Vs Penguins, Game 5

On the brink of elimination, in the middle of a three game losing streak, and on the road. This night is going to hurt.

PensBurgh | Playoff Tree | BOO.

Well here we are my friends (and enemies). If the Rangers lose tonight their season is over and our team is hitting the golf course while we all hit our heads against the wall and wonder how the hell this series went the way it did. The big question I have is what team are we going to see tonight; the team that showed the heart to beat the Flyers in seven games or the toothless team we've seen in the last three games against the Penguins? Whichever team shows up I'm sure that emotions are going to be running high tonight for Rangers fans. So... this game thread, no matter what, is likely going to be a nightmare.
Take it one shift at a time, don't leave Penguins open in front of the net, don't give them breakaways, try something different on the power play, and please try and remember that it's Marc-Andre Fleury in net. It's Fleury you guys. Fleury.

Mike's Player to Watch: F*cking Batman.

Batman normally shows up when things are pretty desperate and even though we are technically outside the city limits of Gotham tonight I'm expecting the dark knight to be a factor in tonight's game. The Rangers are New Yorkers in peril so I doubt the caped crusader will leave them at the mercy of Oswald Cobblepot's favorite hockey team. Keep your eyes peeled for a strategically thrown batarang when things are looking desperate and/or some kind of smoke grenade deployment to help create a scoring chance.

Let's go Rangers. Please Batman, save us.

Be courteous to each other. I'm begging you.