New York Rangers Have Held Preliminary Discussions For Rick Nash

According to Larry Brooks of the NY Post, the Rangers have had preliminary discussions with the Columbus Blue Jackets, regarding the services of Rick Nash. Now this doesn't mean that any sort of deal is on the way to bring the winger on the Broadway, but there have been talks.

Brooks goes on to say a package of Brandon Dubinsky, Chris Kreider, and a first overall draft pick will be part of what it takes to acquire Nash. But in my opinion, that deal makes me want to walk away before talks even begin heating up. Chris Kreider has been an up and coming prospect, the type the Rangers haven't had in their organization for quite a while.

Some say that it's not enough to land Nash, but in my honest opinion, it would be overpaying. As I said before with Kreider, the kid has proven himself on both the international level, and with Boston College over the last few years. I'm still on the fence about giving up Brandon Dubinsky as well.

Brandon Dubinsky has been with the organization for quite some time, and you can tell his heart is on Broadway. Despite some scoring issues this season, Dubinsky never gives up heart, and is a workhorse. If Dubinsky goes to Columbus for Nash, I honestly think part of the Rangers identity will disappear. As it stands right now, I would not even consider accepting that deal.

What do you guys think?