New York Rangers Move On From Jason Arnott, Look Into More Depth

The Rangers will move on from Arnott, but what's next.

It's been something of a roller coaster the past couple of days for the New York Rangers. First the team agrees to a tentative contract with Jason Arnott, then the Rangers took down the Toronto Maple Leafs in a much-needed win. The next day news broke that Arnott actually failed his physical and the Rangers removed the tentative deal from the table.

Glen Sather told the media that not only is the team moving on from Arnott, but they're still looking for depth. Here's what Sather told Andrew Gross:

"We're always looking," Sather said. "We have 10 rookies at Hartford (AHL). It's necessary to look around. It's going to be a long year, you never know what's going to happen. There's always injuries so it's smart to look around."

The point is, the Rangers are still looking for depth. There are some options on the table, although they are far and few between. Arnott fit the team's needs pretty well (aside from his age), and I simply don't see the same type of player on the market. I'm also concerned with players who haven't played competitive hockey all year.

The Rangers might have to look into a trade. I guarantee you that Ryan O'Reilly is a name that will pop up, but I doubt the Rangers are going to be interested in moving the assets Colorado would want for him.

Other options on the table? Well, why don't we make this a group discussion? Who are you guys looking at?

The floor is yours.