New York Rangers News: Alain Vigneault's Contract Details Have Emerged

While we wait for an official announcement, contract details for Alain Vigneault are starting to leak among the media.

According to both John Shannon and Louis Jean, Alain Vigneault's contract is expected to be a five-year deal that will play him around $2 million per year. That's about a $200,000 raise from his days with the Vancouver Canucks, where he made just about $1.8 million per year. Shannon also confirmed that the 5-year deal is identical to the offer that Vigneault had turned down from the Dallas Stars a few days ago.

It's pretty telling from that report as to why Vigneault chose the Rangers over the Stars. The Stars are just at the very beginning of their rebuild, while the Rangers are a team that is poised to make a serious run in the near future. He'll have a better chance at winning a Stanley Cup in New York, while receiving the same exact type of paycheck.

We're still waiting on an official announcement from the Rangers, regarding the hiring of Alain Vigneault. There's still no indication of when that will happen, but with everything starting to slowly leak out, you have to assume that it will be coming pretty soon.