New York Rangers News: Cross Wayne Gretzky Off Of The Coaching List

Wayne Gretzky said that he isn't interested in the head coaching position of the New York Rangers.

Since John Tortorella has been fired, there have been a few names that have been appearing rather frequently. Aside from Mark Messier, the other name that was starting to pop into the picture was Wayne Gretzky. There was a strong sense that the former superstar would also get a good, hard look from the New York Rangers. It was never confirmed or denied up until this point that Gretzky was actually interested in the position. There was just a whole lot of speculation.

Finally, on Friday, we had out first idea on what Gretzky's plans were, and if he did actually have interest in taking over the position. When the position first became available, Darren Dreger talked with Gretzky, and asked if he should be included on the list of potential candidates. Dreger got the response of: "no thanks, but nice that you asked."

Those seven words put forth by The Great One can finally put an end to the constant flow of rumors surrounding his name. As Dreger also pointed out, "there is a big different between wanting your name on a list and actually wanting a job."

Barring any sudden changes, the candidates appear to be down to Alain Vigenault, Dallas Eakins, and Mark Messier for now.