Pierre McGuire unsuccessfully throws the puck to a fan (GIF)

If you don't succeed, try, try again.

It was a good day at the office for the Rangers. Pierre McGuire? Not so much. You may be familiar with NBC's between-the-benches guy. He'll provide a different point of view from a close-up vantage point; close enough that he occasionally encounter a stray puck.

But what's a guy like Pierre to do when a puck comes his way? Well naturally, give it to a fan. Or in this case, at least try.


The puck eventually did makes it way over the glass, and you have to at least give Pierre credit for following up on the play. Made the initial throw, but didn't just watch it, and tracked the rebound and was there to make another play.

Just a fun moment in a pretty good afternoon tilt as far as the Rangers are concerned. Two goals from Chris Kreider. A goal from the fourth line. Career win number 300 for Henrik Lundqvist. And a good laugh for both team's at Pierre's expense.

Stick tap to Mr. @CJZero for the GIF