New York Rangers Open Game Thread: Rangers vs. Canadiens, Game 5

Do the Eastern Conference Finals end tonight?

Eyes On The Prize (don't go there to troll)

Tonight the Rangers will be playing their 19th game of the 2014 NHL Playoffs and will be looking for that all-important 12th win that will push them into the Stanley Cup Finals. The Rangers won the first two games of this series on the road and have (according to most people) been the better team in this series. The Rangers, who have had a lot of success on the road in both the playoffs and in the regular season, are looking to close out the Habs tonight in the Bell Centre and end this series in 5 games.

However, there are few teams who are prouder and few crowds that are louder and more influential than the Canadiens and their fans. Just because the Rangers need only one more win in the next three games to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals doesn't mean that it's going to be easy for the Blueshirts to make it happen tonight. Here's hoping that the Rangers take their third straight game in the Bell Centre and put this nasty, chippy series in the rear-view mirror.

Mike's Player to Watch: Martin St. Louis and Batman

How big was Martin St. Louis' overtime goal in Game 4? I was dreading that the Rangers, once again, found themselves going into overtime with the Habs after how quickly the extra period ended in Game 3 but thankfully the Rangers made their blockbuster deal and had Martin St. Louis in the lineup and he made the perfect shot at the perfect moment. Marty just seems to be one of those guys that shines under pressure and in big games. I don't know how many games this series is going to go but I do know that Marty is the kind of guy that can step up in an elimination game and make all the difference in the world. Here's hoping he does it tonight. Also, if Batman could show up and work some bat-magic or Krav Maga in this game that'd be great. I want this series over. Looking at you, Bats.

Let's go Rangers. Here we go...