New York Rangers Open Game Thread: Rangers Vs Penguins, Game 7

Holy crap.

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Holy crap guys and girls, it's here. Game 7 of the Rangers second round series against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

I don't need to say anything more than the following; just win boys. Just win.

Mike's Player to Watch: Martin St. Louis... and Batman

He's the heart of the team right now and I don't think there is anyone in this series that wants this "w" as bad as Marty St. Louis wants it. Last game I picked Marty St. Louis and Batman and nothing but good things happened so naturally I'm picking the duo again to come up big for the Rangers in Game 7. You just never know who is going to step up in these games but I'm putting my money on Marty St. Louis tonight. He's a veteran star player with all kinds of playoff experience. Look for him to be a difference maker tonight. Also, if sh*t gets real tonight, here's hoping Batman intervenes and starts throwing knees and right-crosses to people until justice is justiced.

Let's go Rangers. Let's go Banter. Let's do this. Come what may.