New York Rangers Open Thread: Rangers vs. Canadiens, Game 6

The Rangers get their second chance at putting away the Habs tonight at the Garden.

Eyes On The Prize (Don't go there to troll)

The Rangers get two more shots at getting to the Stanley Cup Finals. Let's hope that they don't need that second chance in Game 7 and can get it done tonight at Madison Square Garden. I don't know about you guys but my stomach feels like it is full of ornery Gila monsters that are all fighting over a big, juicy lump... of whatever Gila monsters eat. Let's just pretend it's worms. That works well for the imagery. I am sure that breathing is going to be difficult to do tonight. Let's all just remember to breathe.

Game 5 sucked. We all know that. The good thing is that as bad as the Rangers were on Tuesday night, they still almost won the game (amazingly). If the Rangers can elevate their play, show a little more effort and responsibility defensively, and get Hank to play Hank again I think this series is over. It's going to be interesting to see how the Rangers respond to the crazy score from Tuesday's fiasco and whether or not the team that has come up big in big games throughout the 2014 Playoffs can do it one more time. Here we go guys.

Mike's Player to Watch: Raphael Diaz (the Chosen One), and Batman

I thought that Raphael Diaz looked very good in the Rangers lineup in the regular season and the postseason and now, with John Moore suspended for the next two games, Rangers fans are going to get another look at Diaz and what he can bring to the blue line. If Diaz can't get it done I am sure the caped crusader will step in and make things happen for the Rangers. We need you tonight Batman. This isn't even a joke anymore. Step up.

Enjoy the game tonight. Let's go Rangers.