New York Rangers Playoff Player Profile- Mike Rupp

To continue this series of player profiles lets take a look at Big Mike Rupp; a player that doesn't really have a lot to offer on the ice but it can be argued that his locker room presence is worth the ridiculous price tag he fetched over the summer.

I'll admit; I'm not a fan of Mike Rupp, he doesn't skate well, no real offense to his game and his defense is a bit lackluster. He's an overpaid 4th liner, no more no less. However, the big reason Glen Sather brought in Mike Rupp was to give Brandon Prust a bit of a break when it comes to exchanging fists to other players faces. Although, I really don't think he's taken that many fights away from Brandon Prust...if that was possible.

Here's a video of Mike Rupp's greatest contribution to the New York Rangers this season

Yep, the famous Winter Classic goal/ Jagr salute was the best contribution Mike Rupp has given to the New York Rangers. That and the "Irrelevant" taunt yelled at Jody Shelley (Which became null and void after Shelley walloped Rupp on Tuesday)

It's hard to tell when Mike Rupp is on or off his game since he plays such a unimportant game on the ice, I guess you can say his game is off when he is hurt which seems to be more and more frequent these days.

So to recap all of this...uh...Mike Rupp everybody!