New York Rangers Rumors: Alain Vigneault On His Way To New York City?

There are two unconfirmed reports floating around stating that Alain Vigneault is en route to New York City. We take a deeper look into that.

There were two unconfirmed reports floating around Twitter this afternoon, stating that Alain Vigneault was seen at an Ottawa airport, and was boarding an early morning flight that was en route to New York City. While none of these reports are neither confirmed or denied up until this point, I decided to dig a little deeper to get to the bottom of the rumors.

I sent out a few tweets, and was able to get in touch with one of the individuals that was responsible for the original report. They go by the name of Bimm M. (@bimm) on Twitter, and told me that they saw Vigneault at the Ottawa Airport earlier this morning. Here's some of the information I got during our brief conversation.

I did see him early this morning. I work at the airport and he was on his way to NYC. Day trip only so I'm sure it was for an interview. He didn't even have anything with him. I wished him good luck and he gave me a smirky smile. Vigneault lives in Gatineau, Quebec which is really close to Ottawa. It's just across the river, and that's why he flew out from here.

While the information above doesn't necessarily link him to the New York Rangers, there's a strong belief that it has something to do with the latter. Yesterday, Larry Brooks reported in the NY Post that Vigneault made a favorable impression during his interview with the Rangers brass, which could be linked to him flying back to New York City.

Although, Glen Sather and the upper management staff are still currently in California as they conclude their organizational meetings later on in the afternoon. So, Vigneault flying to New York City could mean a variety of different things. Could he be getting a tour of the Rangers facilities? Could he be checking out the New York City lifestyle? Maybe a second interview?

Only time will tell at this point.