Bantering Points: Don't Panic Edition

Welcome to today's special edition of Bantering Points.

Today's notes are a special group. Welcome to the "Don't Panic Edition" of our Bantering Points. Throughout today's notes there will be special "Don't Panic Notes" to help you breath easier. Without further ado, here we go:

- First and foremost, I hope Chris Kreider is OK. According to the team we're going to get news on him today. Hopefully its good news.

- Don't Panic Note #1: The New York Rangers really can't play worse than they did against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Sunday. Things can only get better from here.

- I've seen (and participated) in a few debated about Michael Del Zotto and his time on the power play. Many of you think there are better options on this team to go there. I'm not debating that Anton Stralman has earned some minutes on the power play, but Del Zotto is out there for a season. John Tortorella knows this team better than any of us do, he's putting Del Zotto out there for a reason, and no one outside the room knows what the reason is.

- I think Henrik Lundqvist will start against Boston on Wednesday. I would have probably pegged Martin Biron for the start, but since he played half the game against the Penguins I think Lundqvist will get the start. Just a hunch, though, Tortorella might give Biron the nod to give the team a spark.

- Don't Panic Note #2: The Rangers got off to a horrible start last year, as well. Remember how bad you felt after the loss to the Islanders? This is a similar situation.

- I have a feeling Brad Richards might need another game or two before he gets into his flow. Remember, this is a guy that played zero minutes of competitive hockey during the lockout. He's going to need a few games before he gets his legs going.

- Anyone think Matt Gilroy or Steve Eminger gets a look Wednesday?

- Carp had a great stat in his story today. In 1995 (the last shortened season) the Rangers started the year 1-4 AND lost seven games in a row at one point and still made the playoffs. The Devils started 1-3 and won the Cup. The Flyers started 0-3. Make this Don't Panic Note #3.

- Dicipline is probably the biggest issue this team has right now. Even though the Bruins didn't score on the power play it still set the tone for the game. The Rangers need to stay out of the box.