Blueshirt Banter Discussion: New York Rangers Top 25 Under 25

Something that's been very popular around the SB Nation hockey sites has been a feature called Top 25 Under 25. It's a series in which the blog releases their best 25 players under 25 years old for their respective teams. We haven't jumped on board with this yet, but since it's been a really quiet August, we can do our inaugural list starting now.
We'll work in reverse order, starting at 25 and going down to No. 1.

Before we start the list, however, I wanted to get a gauge on who you guys thought was the best New York Rangers' player under 25 years of age. All players are available, including prospects. Obviously, prospects will be ranked on hype and what they've done in the minors, but there will at least be some of them on the list.

So go ahead and tell us in the comments who you think the Rangers best player under 25 is. And remember, the list starts being released tomorrow.

The floor is yours!