New York Rangers Trade Mat Bodie For Daniel Catenacci

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The New York Rangers announced they’ve traded Mat Bodie to the Buffalo Sabres for Daniel Catenacci.

This is a pure AHL move. It’s likely the Rangers wouldn’t be able to keep Bodie this summer, and made a move for some Hartford depth.

Catenacci is a 23-year-old (turns 24 in a week) career AHLer who has played in 11 NHL games registering zero points. Bodie is a good AHLer and might find his way to the NHL in Buffalo, but it was clear he was never going to get his shot on Broadway, even with the Rangers lacking defensive corps.

Honestly: Nothing to see here. Hartford is really bad and needed some help. That’s about the big picture on this one.

We’ll keep you updated as Gorton keeps wheeling and dealing.