New York Rangers Unveil adidas Reverse Retro Lady Liberty Jersey

The Reverse Retro jerseys for the NHL’s 31 teams were unveiled on Monday morning, and the Lady Liberty jersey is back... sort of.

Yes, the iconic crest is back. Yes, the sleeves draw some resemblance to the original, but it just quite isn’t “it”. The look overall is close enough to the original to excite fans who were a big fan of the jersey, but my initial reaction is that the jersey is missing an element.

Overall it isn’t a huge deal, no reason to go too deep on something like this, but I feel like there’s too much blue. Having a red collar, or some red at the bottom of the jersey would have been great, in my opinion.

I feel given how dark the primary color is, it is easy for the majority of the jersey to blend together. My perception of this could change once we see it paired with a helmet, gloves, pants (that’s where the red could break up the bottom), and socks, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

All of that said, what are your thoughts? Did it meet expectations? Do you hate it? Is it meh? Don’t get me wrong, I am fan of them, but I think it is just missing that little something extra to make them pop.

According to the NHL’s press release, adidas Reverse Retro ADIZERO Authentic jerseys go on sale December 1st at,,, and team stores, with a wider release on December 6th.