New York Rangers vs. Montreal Canadiens

The Blueshirts head to Montreal tonight to face the Habs, who are 2-7-1 to the Rangers’ 3-6-2. Carey Price has been struggling; he has an .866 Sv% to Henrik Lundqvist’s .900. But that doesn’t matter, because Alain Vigneault has decided to “ride the hot hand” straight to hell to try for the team’s fourth win of the season. Do the Rangers really need a hot hand against the cold Habs? Should we just sit back and enjoy the second episode of the “Buch and Boo Show?” Could Michael Grabner actually score another 27 goals this year? Does Rick Nash taunt the snake that keeps biting him, or is it just hungry?

All will be revealed, children. Those of you not attending awesome Halloween parties dressed as AV’s gum should tune in at 7 pm.