New York Rangers Winter Classic Jerseys Coming On Monday; Contest Information

The New York Rangers announced that the team's Winter Classic jerseys will be unveiled this coming Monday, via Facebook. There will be a live stream of the event, starting at 4:00 PM on Monday, November 28th. The league has been pretty quiet about these for quite some time, and we will finally get to see them on display. The unveiling will come a week after the Philadelphia Flyers revealed their version of the Winter Classic jerseys. The Jerseys will be available for purchase on December 5th, 2011.

So far, there have been no real leaks of the actual jerseys, just a bunch of speculation. We will have a post going up on Monday, the minute the jerseys are shown, and share them with you guys.

Follow after the jump for the contest news.

Also, we will finish out our Winter Classic jersey contest this weekend. We decided to hold off with the contest for sometime, because it would make more sense doing it closer to the unveiling. With that said, we have two more rounds to go before we crown our winner. On Saturday we will conduct the "conference finals" round which will feature the final four designs. The next day, Sunday, we will finish out the contest with the final round of voting.

We will also be giving the winner a prize, which will be an official Blueshirt Banter T-Shirt. I will leave you with the rules of the contest, so everyone can be refreshed. We will have the first post for voting going up early Saturday morning, be sure to check it out!

Contest Rules:

  • All submissions must be in by August 20th, 2011.
  • All submissions will then be grouped into four groups. The winners from each group will be placed into playoff style voting to determine the winner.
  • Each participant is entitled to one submission.
  • Any design that was not solely created by yourself will not be entered into voting.
  • If possible, please include a short description of how you came up with your design. Also include your Blueshirt Banter username. (i.e: history, ideas, etc)
  • Jerseys do not need to include a Winter Classic patch, but can be included at your choice.
  • The winner will receive a prize which will be announced at a later date.