New York Rangers With Big Lead In The Atlantic Division

The New York Rangers widened their gap in the Atlantic Division with a very crucial 5-2 win over the Philadelphia Flyers. Just like they did the against the Tampa Bay Lightning, there were many positives signs in the win. First off, the Rangers power play combined for three goals on six opportunities. The last time the Rangers had more then one power play goal in a single game was back in December.

Also, Brad Richards notched three assists, and has picked up his great immensely since scoring the game winner versus the Lightning. Marian Gaborik also had four points and continues his success he has had this season. It also puts the Rangers six points ahead of the second place Flyers in the Atlantic Division.

They also currently have two less games then everyone in their division, except the New York Islanders, who have 54 games played. The Flyers, Penguins and Devils are all right behind the Rangers, but if they continue their play, I believe they have a legit shot at winning the Atlantic.

What do you guys think? Will the Rangers take the Atlantic Division, or is it too early to tell?