Newbury back to Connecticut, Quick thought on Callahan, Gilroy At Wing

Just wanted to interject here, according to the AHL Transactions Log, Kris Newbury is headed back to Connecticut. I know one of you guys posted this in the previous thread as well.

Personally I can't keep up with Newbury, he's here, he's gone, he's back, he's gone again. If Kris is smart he just sits at at a truck stop halfway between Hartford and Manhattan everyday waiting for the phone to ring at 4 PM to tell him where he is needed that night. I wouldn't even pack an overnight bag if I were him.

Obviously the news on Ryan Callahan is a real buzz-kill after last night, but the season will go on, and as George said in the previous thread, the Rangers survived without him before, and will just have to do it again. This team has balls, remember that. This team does not throw pity parties for themselves, so neither should we.

Also, Andrew Gross is tweeting that Matt Gilroy ("Hi, I'm Matt Gilroy) is going to be used at wing. If you ask me, this is where he probably should have been all along, and may be his best chance for NHL success.

Remember to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times while watching the Rangers, because this ride makes a lot of sudden stops and starts.

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