NHL Breaking News: Shea Weber Awarded $7.5 Million From Arbitration

Well the NHL news just keeps coming today, although this one affects the New York Rangers a little more than the Patrick Sharp signing did.

Shea Weber, who went to arbitration after the Nashville Predators filed for team-elected arbitration, was awarded $7.5 million today by an arbitration judge.

That's an astounding amount of money for the coveted restricted free agent that many linked to trade talks with the New York Rangers throughout the season. It also sets an astoundingly high bar if Weber were to hit the open market, basically pricing out teams anywhere near the cap ceiling.

I'm sure the huge price tag will also continue to create trade rumors, since many will assume the Predators will want to unload the contract to ease the financial burdens of the organization. Personally, I don't think there is a snowball's chance in Hell at that happening. Weber is a franchise-talent, and currently dons the "C" for Nashville.

Even if the Predators were willing to trade him, the ransom it would cost to acquire him would be immense. That alone will probably keep the Rangers, who have stuck to their guns when it comes to keeping their prospects and picks, far, far away.

Weber is still slated to be a restricted free agent next year, since the hearing was for one-year arbitration. That's another fact that might spur trade rumors, but again, don't put too much stock into seeing Weber on Broadway.

Also, since this was a team-elected arbitration, Nashville CAN'T walk away from the decision.

Anyway, thoughts on this move guys?