NHL CBA Negotiations: Some Movement Today?

There might be a glimmer of hope in the current CBA Negotiations, thanks to the rumor that the NHLPA is going to make another offer this morning. This comes just days before the NHL's September 15th deadline.

There is some hope that comes from this news. The NHL never considered the NHLPA's second offer to be a true second offer, so when the NHL broke off talks Gary Bettman cited that "the league wasn't going to negotiate against themselves." So this move is obviously a good sign. If the NHLPA makes an offer that the owners feel is an actual offer from the players, we might start to see some movement.

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Donald Fehr, to his credit, has lead a union through labor peace many times before in the MLB. That included an all-night negotiation that avoided a lockout on the final day.

We've talked about how this week might be a major step in the negotiations simply because it has to be if the two sides need to come to an agreement before September 15th. For the first two days it seemed like there was going to be no movement and the two sides would barrel toward the 15th without a new deal.

Wednesday might change that. If Bettman and the owners see something they like, then maybe they can really come into the negotiation process and move this thing forward. But a lot of this depends on the player's offer. The NHLPA's response to the owner's "second offer" wasn't much of a response. So as long as the player's offer is interesting, both sides might be able to start working on some of the other kinks.

Time will tell. But for now, guys, what do you think about this?