NHL Comes Down on Wisniewski with 2 Game Suspension

So the reports out of the NHL offices this evening are that Islanders defenseman James Wisniewski will be suspended for two games without pay as a punishment for his "gesture" towards Sean Avery in Monday's matinee. I am not going to discuss the incident in depth, nor am I going to post a video of it because it is far too inappropriate for our younger readers to view, but all I am going to say is that the suspension was deserved. I am surprised, to be honest, because I really did not feel the league was going to come down hard on Wisniewski for what he did.

It was childish and makes the league look bad, so they are right in suspending him for it. Also, it prevents any further gestures of that sort from being used throughout the league in the future. I guess Wisniewski will use words instead of hands next time he wants to get a message across.