NHL Conference Final Schedule Released

They did it. Almost nothing within the past 15 hours could reduce this joy or wipe the stupid grin off my face. A work meeting at 7 AM? Easy. Water heater broken? Child's play. Getting in a minor car accident? Simple. As I'm sure many of you are, the point is I have been floating on cloud nine.

We must take this moment to inhale and exhale deeply. The team after floating through the first 7 games of the postseason on autopilot got a shocking wake-up call and some tough adversity to work through. They (and we) deserve to enjoy this moment, especially since the NHL has wasted no time in releasing the upcoming Conference Finals Schedule.

Now the only thing for Rangers fans to do is wait. Game six of the Bruins vs. Panthers matchup is going down tonight at TD Garden. Whether the Bruins stave off elimination and send the series back to Florida for a winner-take-all game seven on Sunday, or the Panthers win and punch their ticket to their second straight year going to the Conference Finals remains to be seen. Regardless of their opponent, game one is next Wednesday at Madison Square Garden. Let's go Rangers!