NHL Lockout 2012: According to report, another round of cuts might be coming

How close is the NHL to making its next round of cuts? Apparently pretty close. And after that? You'd probably rather not know.

So remember how I told all of you to stop following the blow-by-blow rounds of the current CBA negotiations? Yeah, well, this is one of those punches you might want to follow. According to a report if no deal is reached within seven days then the NHL is going to take another chunk out of the schedule (the report indicates it would cancel up to the middle of December). Then if no deal can still be reached ... season over.

Yes, that did say "season over."

The frustrating part (at least right now) is that the two sides are closer than they've ever been. Back in 2004 there was a reason for a lockout. Now? Not so much. The fans won't be as forgiving this time, although neither side seems to care too much about that since both sides think the other will take the brunt of the blame if the season is thrown into the fire.

Obviously that won't be the case. Both sides will be blamed if this insanity continues to spiral out of control. The two sides have yet to meet again since the weekend. It's now Thursday, and if the report above is true then the NHL believes they've given enough or haven't seen enough give back from the NHLPA.

So basically we're playing a game of chicken again, which is fantastic. Especially when the NHL is setting down another deadline and potentially even setting down a deadline for the end of the season.

The egos have officially taken over. That's a problem. It's why we're here in the first place. And it's why things aren't moving anywhere anytime soon.