NHL Lockout 2012: Is Tuesday the biggest day in the CBA negotiations thus far?

Tuesday marks the first time the two sides will meet face-to-face since October 18th. Will we see any more progress made?

As it stands right now, Tuesday is the biggest day in the CBA negotiations. After some real progress was reportedly made over the weekend, the two sides have taken to the negotiating table to finally meet face to face. As of this writing it isn't known if Donald Fehd and Gary Bettman will attend, although my gut tells me they will.

There have been a few signs of progress of late, but the most encouraging has to be that neither side has taken the negotiating table to the media. There wasn't anything more than flavorless media statements from each side after Saturday's meetings, and there was absolutely nothing leaked from the two NHLPA conference calls that took place Sunday and Monday.

As a result, there has been some tempered optimism surrounding the current state of the CBA negotiations. And while there isn't any hope to save an 82-game season (at least according to the NHL), we might be able to see a 70-game season if the two sides can come to a quick agreement.

Don't expect to hear much of anything from the two sides after the meeting, as each seem to be in agreement that silence is the best policy at this point. And since we seem to be nearing some real progress between the two sides, silence is welcomed -- even if it might frustrate fans.

But that's a good thing. Hopefully. We'll see soon.