NHL Lockout 2012: Some Final Musings

Some NHL lockout musings. Hopefully these are coming to an end soon.

- First of all, I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas -- or whatever holiday you celebrate -- over the past couple of weeks. As you could probably gather we took a little vacation of our own here at the Banter. With no hockey that's kind of possible. Anyway we're back and ready to go. Hopefully all of you are as well.

- I have to be honest with you, and I don't know if it's because there is no NHL hockey, but I love the World Juniors. I happen to be a big draft junkie as is, but to see the best prospects go up against each other representing their country is awesome. It's also really cool when the Rangers have top prospects competing.

- So the NHLPA and the NHL have, in fact, touched base the past couple of weeks. That's better news than the two sides having not talked at all, which was originally reported.

- Speaking of talking. Some reports claim that the NHLPA is the side that has reached out for a meeting. Apparently the NHL is the one showing patience this time. It's probably just another ploy, but if the two sides are going to come to an agreement they better figure something out soon. Or at least start talking.

- Apparently the NHL seems to believe that Donald Fehr is an 11th hour negotiator. They probably believe this because of his resume regarding making last-second deals. And that's fine. But the fact that the two sides still aren't meeting is a little troubling to say the least. I don't doubt that we'll see a final push by both sides to get something done soon, but I am starting to doubt whether or not that push will get us anywhere.

- We'll keep you updated on how the Rangers are doing in the World Juniors. I'm really looking forward to watching J.T. Miller, though. He has a letter for USA, which is huge, and has an opportunity to strut his offensive stuff. I'm excited to see what he can do.

Anyway, more to come, but for now, thoughts?