NHL Network ranks Ryan McDonagh 17th best defenseman in hockey today

The Rangers’ captain is among the NHL’s best, according to NHL Network.

The New York Rangers’ offseason has seen the team undergo a fair amount of change. Someone who’s been rather constant, though? That’d be Ryan McDonagh - soon to enter his seventh season in the NHL, all for the Rangers.

McDonagh may not be the most prominent point scorer among defenders, but that didn’t stop NHL Network from showing him some love. In counting down the top 20 defensemen in the NHL right now - some fun offseason activities while we wait for hockey to come back - McDonagh clocked in at number 17 on their list.

McDonagh scored 34 points over 73 games in the 2015-16 season, nine points back of his career high. He’ll be back at it a bit earlier than some of his Rangers teammates, as he’ll be representing Team USA in the World Cup of Hockey. We can see him in action again starting Sept. 17.