NHL News: Brent Sutter to coach Flames

As per NHL.com Brent Sutter and the Calgary Flames are in the final steps of negotiations to get the former Devil coach to wear a different shade of red. Citing personal and family reasons Sutter stepped down as the coach of the Devils, a move widely speculated to allow him to accept the vacant Flames job. Here is the highlights from the full story:

The Calgary Flames reportedly are in the final stages of negotiations to sign Brent Sutteras their new coach. TSN says the hiring could become official as early as Tuesday. Sutter stepped down as coach of the New Jersey Devils on June 9 despite having one year remaining on his contract. In order for Sutter to move to the Flames, New Jersey President and General Manager Lou Lamoriello would have to give his permission.

I bolded the key part of that statement for you. GM Lou Lamoriello needs to give Sutter permission to move to the flames, because Sutter still has one year on his contract with the Devils.

I will also say this now to prevent any confusion: the NHL does NOT permit compensation for situations such as these. So if Lamoriello let's Sutter go then he does not have to pay him the remainder of his contract and he can wipe his hands clean of Sutter. If Lamoriello refuses to allow the move he would essentially be sending a message that when he hires a coach he intends on the coach to be loyal for his contract terms.

It is rumored that if Lamoriello refuses to give Sutter permission Sutter will coach the Red Deer a WHL team near his family.