NHL News: Gary Bettman on the Phoenix Coyotes situation

Gary Bettman reiterated his desire for hockey to remain in Phoenix on his Sirius/XM radio show yesterday.

"We have rules with respect to who can own franchises. We have rules to how you can relocate teams. This proceeding has to do with the application of our rules. It doesn't have anything to do with what markets we'll go to. At some point in time we might have to relocate. At some point we might have to expand. This isn't that time."

Here is the whole story from NHL.com

Meanwhile, the current Coyotes investors have asked the bankruptcy court to keep Blackberry Billionaire Jim Balsillie's offer to buy the team on the table to maximize the value as the Coyotes proceed through bankruptcy, because their is no solid "Plan B" financially for keeping the team in Phoenix.

Bankruptcy Judge Redfield Baum scheduled a June 9 hearing to determine whether the team can move to Canada, which is opposed by NHL and city of Glendale.

According to the Toronto Star, Jim Balsillie today released details of a plan to have one of the world's leading architecture firms renovate Hamilton's Copps Coliseum, where the Coyotes would be playing. He is footing the bill for renovations, this does not sound like the plan of a man who expects to lose in court.

Finally, the Globe and Mail says the Coyotes are continuing to burn through the cash.