NHL News: Henrik Lundqvist For Hart Memorial?

Puck Daddy is one of the best hockey websites out there, and one of its main writers, Sean Leahy, surprised me this morning with the following headline: "Why Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist should be a Hart Trophy Front-Runner."

We have discussed the possibility here at Blueshirt Banter, but no esteemed writer like Leahy has really mentioned the possibility before.

My opinion on it is if you're looking at pure value to the team, Lundqvist HAS to be considered among the top three or four, and perhaps is the most valuable.

That being said, like in the MLB with the Cy Young Award and the MVP Award, I do not believe goalies should win the Hart, just like I do not believe pitchers should win the MVP in the MLB. The positions are too different, and it's not fair to compare the value of, say, Henrik Lundqvist, to Evgeni Malkin, for example.

I'd love to see Lundqvist win it, though.

Also from Puck Daddy, some interesting player poll results.